Recapture Refunds is a business run by an Accountant to assist salary and wage earners to claim back their tax refunds and tax credits, and to meet tax obligations when they have income from other sources.


We act as independent tax agents registered at Inland Revenue. This means that we are not part of Inland Revenue, nor do we work for Inland Revenue. We are a totally independent organisation and by becoming a client you authorise us to deal with Inland Revenue on your behalf.

If you already have a tax agent, they will automatically be removed when you sign up with Recapture Refunds. Please advise them first if they are your accountant.

As a tax agent, Recapture Refunds will be responsible for assisting you with all your tax matters including managing outstanding debt and tax returns.

You can choose to remain a client and have your refunds checked automatically every year, or elect to be removed from our client list after we have finished processing any refunds.

We act ethically and professionally as Accountants, therefore you are assured to receive a confidential, efficient and trustworthy service.



Davina Perry is the face behind the business which was established in 2008. She is an accountant, with experience in chartered accountants’ offices alongside performing private accounting work. She also has worked with ‘street kids’ in Brazil and spent many years working with ‘at risk’ youth in Aotearoa - New Zealand.

As a mother and wife, as well as a mortgage payer, she understands the financial needs of the average kiwi salary and wage earner and has a passion to make things easier by assisting individuals to maximise their tax refund entitlements!

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