Maximise your Tax Refund Entitlements!

Did you know Inland Revenue has $$$ to give to people like you?

The Inland Revenue owes tax refund money to New Zealand wage and salary earners, who have not already claimed it.

You could be one of them!

Tax Refund

Recapture Refunds can check if you have any tax refunds owing to you over the past five years and claim them back on your behalf within two weeks, saving you time and effort, by dealing with Inland Revenue directly.

Tax Rebate

If you made donations, paid a housekeeper, school fees or childcare anytime over the past four years you are entitled to receive a tax credit on your taxes.

Rental and Other Income - IR3 Returns

Did you earn any other income (including rent) or arrive or depart New Zealand permanently over the past five years? Recapture Refunds are chartered accountants that can help you out by simply preparing your IR3 tax return for you.


Call 0800 4 REFUNDS to maximise your tax refund entitlements today!
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